The Halloween Where Sweets Came To Me

On Halloween, the family had decided that they didn't really want to do anything as a family. No watching spooky movies, no playing family card games or singing along to our favourite songs on the Halloween playlist. I was slightly grumpy about it, but only slightly because I'd been wearing my Halloween shirt and my costume all day (I was Damien in disguise at the assembly towards the end of Mean Girls), I was set up on the sofa with my laptop and I was in charge of the remote control which meant I could watch whatever my little heart desired.

We had purposely not put up any decorations as we hadn't wanted to encourage Trick or Treaters so were surprised when the doorbell rang.

Top Ender and PippaD in their Halloween 2020 costumes

I was closest to the front door, so I went to see who it was and mentally going over what sweets we had in case it was a Trick or Treater. I figured I was going to have to sacrifice my multipack of Skittles or possibly open a box of Christmas chocolates, but to my great surprise, a friend was standing halfway up my driveway.

We said hello and exchanged the normal pleasantries before she gestured to the floor just outside my front door. There was a Halloween bucket, filled with Sweets for my family and I and one of her amazing cards (she makes amazing cards!).

We caught up for a few minutes, swapping stories of what we'd been up to, what we were planning on doing for the rest of the evening, what we thought of the news about the second lockdown and other things that friends chat about when they haven't seen each other in person for months on end and have been relying on Whatsapp, Facebook and mutual friends to pass on the information and news we'd normally share when we saw each other each week at Church.

As Flyfour and I went for our walk that evening, we chatted about how much this small and simple gesture had meant to us, how we were so grateful for friends like this and how we should reach out more to our friends to remind them that we love them.

I think that 2020 will always be remembered as the Halloween where the sweets came to me!