Talented Top Ender

Lockdown has been amazing for our family because Top Ender has discovered that she is a natural at baking and seeing as in our home we tend to bake using gluten-free flour, no eggs and no dairy it can be hard to get a rise or to make something that tastes good or something that doesn't fall apart as soon as you look at it! Flyfour and I are a little jealous if we're perfectly honest, but as long as Top Ender keeps baking we aren't going to complain. It's hard to complain when you're mouth is filled with a delicious moist brownie! This last week, however, Top Ender did something so amazing that I had to share it to A Showoff and B so I'll remember in the future just how amazing Top Ender is.

Top Ender being all amazing

On my official last day of work before some time off for the Summer, I mentioned to Top Ender as I left for work that I didn't have any lunch packed. I wasn't planning on eating lunch because we were having a Chinese for our evening meal and I was kinda hoping to gorge out on that. Top Ender had a different plan and sent me a message letting me know that we were going to eat lunch together and that she was bringing it with her. 

I was excited.

I had guessed straight away that she was going to make some gluten-free rolls, as they have been her most recent conquest in the baking world but I didn't expect full-blown burgers, topped with onion and cheese and bacon.

Top Ender's Home Made from Scratch Burgers

I mean look at what she made, they are beautiful. 

We ate lunch sitting together with two of my work colleagues (all nicely socially distanced) and giggled and had fun and ate the most amazing burgers and made plans for what Top Ender was to make next (I still want her to make some more Brownies) and about all the things that polite work colleagues talk to your teenage daughter about.

If Top Ender's career in film making, or video journalism, or teaching or whatever it is that she plans to do in the future doesn't work out, I think she's got a great career in making foods that everyone wants to eat... well me at least!