What We're Eating W/C 25th July 2020

Finally, I've finished work for a week or two, so I get to hang out at home... apart from I'm going to go in to work this coming week for a few hours as there is so much to do and I don't want the other person who is helping me to do all the work because I haven't! I really don't mind, however, because I really enjoy my job! For the most part, I can do it without needing help and whilst I'm not saying I'm the worlds best, I'm actually kinda great at it!

Anyway, here's what we're eating this week!

The whole family having some Family Fun

Saturday - Nandos Chicken

During Lockdown, we've been going to different Supermarkets and seeing lots of different things that catch our eye and make us go Hmmm, that would be nice. So this evening we're having another Nandos meal pack (just add chicken and some veg type deal) because Flyfour loves a Nandos and he's cooking so you know!

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie with Rolls

Flyfour is cooking this evening and Top Ender is joining in with some gluten-free rolls that she has been making (and they are honestly AMAZING!) and we're really excited and I'm already hungry.

Monday - Beans on Toast

Simple, quick and then I'm going to bed and I'm going to watch rubbish TV and just relax and have a little nest bed until Flyfour comes home and disturbs me.

Tuesday - Fish Pie

Yay! Fish Pie! Flyfour is home super late this evening, so we're having Fish Pie before he gets in with slices of boiled egg (if I can be organised enough) and I'll also grab some crusty rolls or a crusty loaf and we'll mop up the pie with the bread.

Wednesday - Spaghetti Carbonara

I don't think what I make can actually be called Carbonara, but it tastes nice so we don't care.

Thursday - Fish Fingers and Mash

I'm making the children cook this evening, so it's something simple and quick because they'll forget to cook until it's late and then they'll moan that it is something that takes too long and then we'll end up eating soup out of a can or noodles or something.

Friday - Fajita Mix with Rice

I'm tossing some onions, peppers, chicken and whatever else I have in the house into some fajita seasoning and serve it with some rice.

Again the plan is that I'll serve, eat, load the dishwasher and then go to bed to just chill. Oh it's going to be so great.

So that's what we're planning on eating this week for our main meals, lunches are a combination of wraps, salad and whatever Top Ender makes!