We're All In This Together

I'm a solitary person by nature, I mean don't get me wrong, people are nice but I like to be alone. I like to have time to do things at my own pace, to potter about and eat when I want and do what I want when I want not having to answer to anyone. I think that I could quite easily live alone and actually, this lockdown period has proved to me that I can make my own amusement, that I don't actually need to go out (apart from to the shop to buy food or pick up medication) and that a walk a day really does make me sleep better each night.

I could live in that cabin in the woods with the internet and craft supplies and books and the opportunity to go hiking every day without seeing a soul other than my family. In fact, at times I could also probably cope without my family too...

And yet.

Light painting in the garden - the outlines of Top Ender and Dan Jon

I'm the sort of person who can't stand by if she sees another person is in need. I want to help others not just because I think that other people won't stop and help, but because I like helping other people. I like making sure that others are taken care of and I like being able to know that I have done my part, that things are fair, that things are as easy for others as they are for me.

During the lockdown, I've discovered that I'm not the only person with this need, this desire, to help others.

I've found that some of my Mums neighbours have gone out of their way to look out for my Mum, passing on their numbers and contact details so if she needs help, she can call on them. Looking out for me when I go round to check that she really is okay and not just fobbing them off because she doesn't want to put them out.

I've joined a few community groups, where I see my friends volunteering to cook, collect shopping or prescriptions, take people to hospital visits and doctors appointments or to deliver care packages and food. I've seen posts from my friends who live in other parts of the country, or the world even, where they have been shopping for others, looking out for others, helping others, supporting others.

I've seen so much good in the world over the last few months, that I almost forgot that in this world people prefer to fight one another rather than to get along. To push themselves ahead using other people as the boost instead of ensuring everyone gets a fair shot. To make sure that the privilege that they have is used for good instead of being used to ensure they stay ahead.

I've seen the Church Whatsapp group that I'm a part of develop from a group where we all just existed together to being the way we show our deep bonds of love. To give support, to uplift, to encourage and spread our shared love further than I think I ever felt it when we just saw each other each Sunday.

I think I realised these last few months that we are all in this together, that we are all living through versions of the same experiences and that together we are stronger.

We're all in this together, and it's together that we're going to get through it.