Top Ender's Job Interview

This last week Top Ender went for a job interview.

Yeah, I almost can't believe it either.

We'd spoken about her getting a job a while back, but had decided that we wanted her to focus on her studies, and seeing as her Dad and I pay for almost everything she wants and needs and give her a little bit of an allowance too, there was no pressing need for her to get a job.

Top Ender on her 16th Birthday with PippaD

Top Ender being her mother's daughter decided otherwise and applied for a dozen or so jobs that she found online and didn't have a requirement of the applicant having had work experience. Whilst Top Ender has done plenty of voluntary work over the last few years, she hasn't had a paid position and so it makes it a little hard to show she has the experience.

We spent the few days before the interview, working out what she would wear, practising interview questions, explaining the experience she did have, why she wanted the job, why she applied for this position and even practising a little bit of the magic that servers in restaurants seem to practice of balancing plates on arms and not spilling drinks being taken to the table!

We ended up buying Top Ender a brand new outfit for her interview, one that she could also wear when she goes to the Sixth form in the Autumn (that is a whole other story, where we need to buy her a brand new wardrobe) and even a new pair of shoes!

The interview itself went well, from what Top Ender could deduce, and she was told that she'd receive a call in the next week if she was successful.

To be honest, I don't care if she gets the job or not.

The fact that she thought to apply, that she thought to prepare, that she thought to look her best for the interview, that she thought to even look for a job?

It blows my mind.

It makes me so proud to be her mum, to be able to witness her growing up and just being the special young woman that we know her to be.