Baby Boy Giggles - Forget Butterfly kisses

Afer we have dropped Top Ender at school, Baby Boy and I are often tempted to go for a walk so that I can get my heart rate up and he can get some fresh air. We have recently discovered a park with exercise equipment in and so I exercise on this equipment whilst Baby Boy runs around on the grass or sits in his pram laughing at my efforts.

We have been park regulars for a bit now and get the usual Hellos from the people walking their dogs and comments about how Baby Boy is looking happy or smart or talkative.....

"Hello! Enjoying your work out little Man?" said a regular dog walker to Baby Boy who was running round in circles in front of the air walker I was on.
"Blah! Woof!" answered Baby Boy
"Yes, I do have my doggy if Mummy says it is okay you can stroke him" by this point I had dismounted and nodded it was okay
"Tickle tickle?" asked Baby Boy
"No I don't think the doggy wants his tummy tickled just yet" I answered
"Mwah?" asked Baby Boy

The dog at this point must of been listening and leant over to Baby Boy and licked his nose.

"Ewww!" answered Baby Boy
"It was a doggy kiss Baby Boy!" I told him
"Mwah woof!" and with that he leant over and licked my nose

I'm hoping he will forget this one!