Top Ender Giggles - A little incentive

Top Ender had her first swimming lesson in the week and as we walked to it we went over the behaviour that we thought would be appropriate.

"Listen to the teacher" I said
"Don't be silly" she said
"Don't run at the pool side" I said
"Don't splash people" she said
"Listen to the teacher" I said
"You said that already!"
"I know but it is important"
"Okay, well if I behave and do well you can give me some money"
"That sounds like a good idea, but if you behave for every lesson I'll buy your teddy a wardrobe"
"REALLY?" she said with eyes wide in disbelief
"Okay and if I don't you can take away the TV!"

She must really want that wardrobe!


  1. Blimey, she has it all worked out! Like you said, she must really want that wardrobe!
    Have tagged you at mine (and also appologised for being so rubbish at taking up the award you so kindly gave me ages ago) x

  2. Thats okay - We shall pass on the Blame Tara Meme with a Richard Dawkins like mantle!


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