Wordless Wednesday - Compact lunch

Baby Boy sitting on Top Enders lunch
Strictly not a Wordless Wednesday, but there needs to be a bit of back story here so you can see what is going on.

Top Ender is on School Holidays and we thought that it would be important to do one crazy or fun thing everyday and today we decided to have an indoor picnic complete with picnic mat!

Top Ender was taking her time to eat her lunch (something to do with the television being on) and Baby Boy had eaten his sandwich and strawberries and was trying to get Top Enders to no avail!

Baby Boy knew that he needed to do something to get them, but wasn't sure what. So he sat down to think about it. Problem was he sat down on Top Enders lunch...

Mind you it sped up her eating of it before he could do it again!
Baby Boy gettin up from sitting on Top Enders Lunch