Baby Boy Giggles - Hauntingly Funny

Yesterday Baby Boy and I were having a quiet afternoon when Baby Boy decided to go and get his coat.

He put it over his head and started to walk towards me making a curious sound

"Ooooh oooooh!" he sang

At this point I realised that he has been watching too much Scooby Doo with Top Ender and understand that he is being a ghost, so I pretend to be frightened

"Oh my a ghost coming to get me, where shall I hide?!" I said in mock terror
"Oooh oooh!" sand Baby Boy

It was at this point that he lost direction and started to walk away from me and towards the TV unit, where he walked straight into it and bounced backwards landing in a heap just in front of it. I know I shouldn't but it was so funny I could help but laugh.

(Baby Boy searched for the edge of his coat and when located it, popped his head out, smiled at me and started to giggle too! No injuries honest!)