Top Ender Giggles - Just a little change

Top Ender will finish in Reception this Friday. I can't believe that she is growing so fast and it makes me not want to blink or before I know it Baby Boy will be in school too.

She went to spend some time with her new Teacher in the week along with her other classmates. After school I asked her what it was like, where she sat, what she did and all the other questions that I was desperate for her to answer!

"There was one thing that upset me though Mummy" she pouted.
"What was that Top Ender?"
"Well, do you know that you don't play when you go to Year One?"
"Yes, I did know that"
"Well I am staying in Reception!"

Not knowing how to answer this I pulled a funny face and let the subject slide until Daddy was around and asked about the new Teacher visit

"Daddy there was this one thing that Top Ender wasn't happy about" I mentioned
"What was that Mummy?" asked Daddy
"Well Top Ender is upset that there is no play learning anymore"
"Oh" said Daddy
"I am staying in Reception Daddy!"
"Well, do you remember when you were a Toggler in Nursery?"
"Yes" she answered
"And you moved to be a Top Ender didn't you?"
"And you did work as a Top Ender didn't you?"
"And then you went to School didn't you?"
"And do more work but still some playing?"
"Yes!" she said impatiently
"Well this is just another little change, you won't notice it!"

Top Ender went quiet and I heard a few minutes later a little mutter

"Bet I will notice it"