Top Ender Giggles - Don't tell children ANYTHING!

It was Aunties birthday this week and as big sisters do I was teasing her about the gift that we had brought for her, by giving tantalising clues that were as ambiguous as... I don't know something that is really ambiguous! It was at this point that Auntie asked if I remembered the year that Top Ender couldn't keep a secret.

Our story begins many moons ago when Top Ender was still a Toggler, Baby Boy wasn't even a twinkle in my eye and Cousins were the last thing on Aunties agenda. Auntie still lived with our parents and we had been invited for a birthday dinner of Chicken and Salad...

Top Ender/Toggler walked into the living room having been primed with what to say and given the important job of handing over the gift almost as big as she was

"Happy Birthday Auntie!" she recited
"Happy Birthday!" Both Daddy and I chorused
"Thank you!" said Auntie
"Here is your present Auntie!" said Top Ender/Toggler
"Oh thank you! I'll open it to see whats inside!"said Auntie excitedly eyeing the large gift
"It's a handbag!" answered Top Ender/Toggler
"No need to open it now then..." sighed Auntie