Baby Boy Giggles - Anything of yours is mine!

It was Big Cousins third birthday so Top Ender, Baby Boy and I went to see her and Baby Cousin and to have a special tea together.

Big Cousin was most pleased about this and allowed Top Ender and Baby Boy to play with her new Peppa Pig House. The four of them had a great time, although I am not sure that Baby Boy and Baby Cousin understood much of what was going on, but they did appreciate being given tasks to do.

When it was time to go Baby Boy was first to get his coat on, despite normally being the last. Nobody thought it suspicious. It wasn't until we saw Baby Boy walking to the front door clutching the new Peppa Pig House that we realised just why he was so eager to go home!

Might have to get Top Enders Peppa Pig set out for Baby Boy to have a play with again!