Pasta Bake

This is a great quick and easy dinner, that can be made with store cupboard ingredients. When I worked it out I think it cost around 40p per person as it serves six.


Pasta of your choice, allow 100g per person (I always use 500g which is a whole bag)
One Onion
A little oil
A squeeze of Garlic
A can of tuna (or salmon if you want to indulge yourself!)
Mixed Herbs
A handful of frozen peas (or a small can)
Grated Cheese
Chopped Tomatoes
Packet of Passata
Seasoning to taste


Turn the oven on to preheat at Gas Mark 4 and then cook the pasta as directed on the packet. Whilst it is cooking chop the onion and fry it gently in the oil.

Drain the tuna (or salmon) and add to the frying pan, slowly heating through. Add the chopped tomatoes, the garlic, herbs, seasoning and the peas and give a good stir. Leave to slowly heat through whilst you drain the pasta.

Add the pasta to an ovenproof dish and then mix in the tuna and onion mixture. Add the passata over the top and the grated cheese on top of that!

Put in the oven for twenty to thirty minutes and then serve and enjoy!