Top Ender Giggles - When she is right, she's right!

Last Sunday the car was covered in salt and sand from our trip to the seaside to see Nanny B, so Top Ender and Daddy went for a quick car wash whilst Baby Boy and I stayed at home.

Top Ender was sitting in the front seat whilst they were in the car wash and was looking out of the passenger window.

"We're moving Daddy" said Top Ender
"No it is just the brushes making it look like we are moving" answered Daddy knowingly
"No we really are moving" said Top Ender
"No Top Ender it is just the brushes, it is making an optical illusion" Daddy said trying to dust the dashboard
"We really are!" exclaimed Top Ender
"Top Ender! Daddy pleaded
"I swear we are moving!" muttered Top Ender

A few minutes later as Daddy started the car to drive out of the car wash he realised that the handbrake wasn't on.

"Oh erm you know what Top Ender? We probably were moving." he admitted
"I knew it!"