Baby Boy Giggles - In the Middle of the Night

It has become the arrangement that if Baby Boy wakes up earlier than Daddy or I want to get up (After 5am but before 6am) he can come into our bed and have his morning milk whilst we all doze together. The other morning it happened and we all dozed off together after a few minutes.

Top Ender came into our room just after 7am to announce she was awake, but after a quick cuddle with me decided to go downstairs to listen to her ipod without her brother hassling her for a listen. Daddy decided that he would go downstairs to use the toilet and to just check that Top Ender was okay a few minutes later and as he left the room Baby Boy rolled away from me into the space that Daddy had just left.

He opened one eye and looked towards the door and Daddy

"Ssh!" he hissed at his Daddy's retreating back.

A few minutes later Daddy reappeared and gently edged into the bed. Baby Boy rolled over to me and cuddling in to me whispered whilst snuggling into me.

"Ssh Dad-Dad!"

I'm so proud ;)