The Yummy Mummy with No Tummy Challenge - Week Twenty-Five

Last week in the comments I was challenged by Michelle at Mummy from the Heart to drink a glass of water before every meal. I did this and I found that it helped a lot... not with not eating as much, but with my headaches! I am normally really good with drinking water and drink several glasses a day, but nothing near as much as I use to drink when I worked in an office. This week I found that I was drinking more at the level I use to drink at and my headaches were gone! I have modified my routine again so that I am now drinking three bottles of water during the day and a further bottle in an evening.

I would just like to add that yes, I do drink more than the UK government recommendation of 1.2litres of water a day but this isn't something I would recommend to people unless they check with their Doctor like I did!

Weight wise this week I haven't put anything on and I haven't lost anything. Staying the same weight is annoying, but I would rather that than having put on a lb or two.

This week I am going to carry on drinking a glass of water before each meal, continue eating healthy snacks AND try to fit in an extra thirty minute walk everyday.