A Promise Or Ten To My Husband On Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is mine and Flyfour's 15th Wedding anniversary.

Flyfour has the day off, I would like to say it was just so that he could spend time with me but it isn't.

No, instead he's taken today off to play with his home automation project and to play with some of his new toys.

I joke, I mean yes he probably will spend some time in his hobbies, but why shouldn't he? It's his day off after all! Of course we will manage to carve out some time to have Lunch together (I imagine it will be Nando's as it is a favourite of his) and I'm sure that we'll have lots of chats together throughout the day, it's nice to just spend time together and be the friends that we have been since we first met.

And so I thought I'd take some time before the day gets going to make a promise or two to my husband.

Flyfour and PippaD getting married

I promise you that I will always put you, our friendship, our marriage, our family first, just as I know you do.

I promise you that I will always want to hear about what interests you. Even if I don't fully understand exactly what it is that you're telling me.

I promise you that I will never put my cold feet on you. Unless you say I can because they are really cold.

I promise you that I will support you in all your endeavours. Just as you do for me.

I promise you that I will pick you up or drop you off at the train station when ever you need me to. Even if I really could do with extra time in bed.

I promise you that I will share my chocolate with you and that is a really big deal.

I promise you that I will keep the fridge and freezer stocked with plenty of gluten free foods... and not just because I like them too.

I promise to always watch quiz shows with you and not get too annoyed when you look at me in disbelief because I answered questions correctly and you didn't. As a second part to that I promise is that I promise to not always answer the same thing. Actually scratch that, I'm so not giving that up.

I promise you that I will go on crazy adventures with you and that we'll always have a good giggle about those crazy adventures.

PippaD and Flyfour in Ireland

And lastly my darling husband, I promise you that I will always love you. Even when you're annoying me by chewing really loudly.