Playing Dressing Up

Just before the Summer Holidays started the family and I were in Asda and I spotted a Grown Up sized Anna from Frozen dress up costume in the sale section. It was the only one there and more importantly, it was my size and it only cost £10.

Flyfour decided to buy it for me, at first it was just as a joke, then we thought that maybe we could use it at Halloween, or any other time I needed to dress up and then I just decided it would be brilliant to wear whenever I wanted. My Mum of course banned me from wearing it when I went shopping with her and Dan Jon Jr decided to ban me from wearing it on the School Run (I have form for that sort of thing) so I did what any normal Mum would do.

I wore it to do my daily chores and to make Dan Jon Jr laugh.

PippaD dressed up in her Anna Costume to do the household chores

Cleaning up took no longer than normal, but it did have more swish than normal thanks to the hooped skirt that is part of the dress. I didn't do a better job at cleaning than normal, but I did have more fun pretending to be a Princess whilst skipping through the house singing at the top of my voice all my favourite songs from Frozen.

Dam Jon Jr was home and playing online with some of his XBox friends whilst I was prancing around cleaning and tidying and doing all my normal daily chores. Dan Jon took one look at me, rolled his eyes and went back to what he was doing with just the hint of a smile and an even smaller acknowledgement to his friends about what he was witnessing;

"Hey Guys, my Mum is dressed up like Anna from Frozen and cleaning the house."

I took that as being approval, if he hadn't approved he wouldn't have mentioned anything right?

And so during the Summer Holidays whenever I wanted to make the Children laugh, or just whenever I wanted I would throw on my Anna dress and walk around the house and garden. I answered the door to the Postman, to delivery drivers and two rather lovely charity collectors, and all of them rather much enjoyed my dress up escapades as much as I or the Children did.

And now that the Children are back at School, I'm putting my Anna dress on to do my chores, because believe it or not pretending to be a Princess is rather fantastic fun and a great way to get through doing the chores without any children being here to keep me amused.