The New Term Resolutions

I don't know about you, but to me September is the time for new starts. I've been a product of the English Education system for too long and so I know, because it is ingrained into my very soul that September means a new term. A new term means new uniform, new school bags, new PE kit, new lunchboxes, new stationery and for me at least new resolutions.

Every September I would set myself new goals. I'd want to do my homework on the day I was given it, I'd want to read more books than I had the previous year, I'd want to improve my handwriting or my spelling (neither of which took, thank goodness for laptops and spell check) or I'd want to do something that made me a better person.

Then of course I had Children. And for me the goals changed. The Children would be at School on time every day. They would have consent forms returned on time. They would do their homework before it was due in. They would have clean uniform... you know standard things.

As well as all of those things, this year I've added a few in for me too.

Me PippaD with my Scarf and looking fabulous!

1) Join a Knitting Group. I have this in place, just be ready for blog posts about the characters I hope to meet in the next few weeks! The reason behind this is because I want to be more social, I want to make some friends and also apparently knitting groups are good for your mental and physical health!

2) Exercise more. I want to walk at least 6km a day so that I can get healthier and enjoy the great outdoors and hopefully lose some weight. I guess lose some weight should also be a resolution, but it's not because that will just be a benefit to exercise.

3) Play my Guitar. The Children and I want to play ten different Christmas songs or carols by Christmas, I'm going to learn three to strum along to, Top Ender is going to learn two on her Cello and Dan Jon Jr is going to learn one on the violin. As you can probably add up, there are only six there so I'm going to practice three on the keyboard (that I've known for a few years and am really rusty on) and Top Ender is going to learn a further one to play on the keyboard.

4) Date night. I'm going to force Flyfour and I to spend some time together where both of us don't sit on our electronic devices and do something together! Don't get me wrong we do actually spend a lot of time together but I think we need to do something... I'm not sure what yet. Jigsaws? Painting? Baking? Oh I'm sure we'll come up with something!

And that's it.

I could make more, but these four are the ones that are important to me, the ones that I want to do, the ones that I think that, dare say it? The ones that will help me be a better me.