What We Are Eating This Week 10th September 2016

Hello! It's been a good week here, the Children have loved going back to School and have enjoyed the new rules at home (we gave them both a slightly later bedtime, a couple of tech free evenings and an adjustment to the chore lists) and I must admit that I've knocked a few things off my to do list that have been on my list for far too long.

Saturday - Salmon Pasta with Vegetables

The children love to eat Salmon, but Dan Jon Jr isn't too keen on actually eating it, when it is a lump on his plate. I figured if I made a Pasta dish, swirled some vegetables and a sauce into it (a white sauce) and flaked Salmon into it then it would be easier on him... and me as I wouldn't hear him moan about it!

Leftover Salmon Pasta for a tasty Lunch

Sunday - Gammon Roast

We don't have Daddy at home until late tonight, so after we get home from Church (and Choir practice) I'm going to give the Children a sandwich and then start to cook a Gammon Roast for the evening time.

I really fancied some Gammon, but don't worry, the children will still get the roast potatoes, the yorkshire puddings and possibly some cauliflower cheese too because I love it and I wanna make it!

Meatless Monday - Veggie Burgers and Wedges

I've got some veggie burgers in the freezer (Quorn) and so I'm going to pair them with some Wedges, a bit of Salad and if the Children want they can have them in rolls with cheese or the salad in the bun.

Actually I think I want that too now. And some red onion slices too.

Tuesday - Chilli Tortilla Chips

I figure that I can make a small chilli and share it between us along with torttilla chips and cheese and salsa and some left over salad from last night!

I can make it a bit spicier for Flyfour, Top Ender and I and leave it mild for Dan Jon Jr as he really doesn't enjoy spicy food.

Wednesday - Veggie Sausages in a Mustard and Onion Sauce

I'll serve these with some Mash (everyone loves buttery mash) and carrots and some sour dough bread as I read the other day that everything tastes better with sour dough bread.

I have no idea if it is true, but I'll find out when I eat this meal!

Thursday - Twice Baked Stuffed Jacket Potatoes

This was the meal I was most stuck on. One half of me wanted to make the alternative Tuna dish from last week, the other half of me was like "Nah!". So I sat in the garden with a cup of fruit tea and thought for a bit.

And then I decided that what we all really wanted for our evening meal would be something easy and tasty (and hopefully with Tuna) and Dan Jon suggested Jacket Potatoes. So I'm going to make twice baked potatoes stuffed with Tuna.

Friday - Chicken Fajitas

We're going to wait until Flyfour gets home tonight and eat together, as we miss him! I'm going to make BBQ Chicken fajitas, which basically means I'm going to marinate Chicken in a BBQ sauce with sliced peppers and some mushrooms and probably some onion too.

I'll make some rice up, but season it with some Chicken stock and add some spring onion and possibly something like peas to just make sure it's extra tasty, nutritious and more filling and hopefully stretch the fajitas even more!

So that is what we are eating this week, how about you?