The Bin Day Embarrasment

It was one of the last days of the Summer Holidays and so unlike term time mornings, I was taking it a little easier and that included me not having a morning shower at 6:30am as normal, but after I'd run a few chores, had a cup of tea and more than likely my breakfast too. I set the kettle boiling, and took the full bag of recycling and general waste from the bins in the kitchen and decided to walk them through the house to the front kerb. The general rule is that the rubbish has to be out on the kerb for 7am, but the bin men don't tend to come until 11am or so, but you know they could come earlier...

I was taking a risk, because for me in the summer my PJ's are black leggings and a tank top and because I've been asleep and not in the shower, no bra. I hate to tell you this, but when I don't wear a bra my boobs could pass as an extra pair of knees. It was okay though, it was before 7am and my neighbours hadn't been out of the house before 8am for the entire summer holidays.

Bin Bags (this isn't just mine!)

So I stepped out of my front door and heard the unmistakable sound of one of my neighbours front door opening at the same time. It was too late, I was already walking out of the front door, it was too late for me to turn back. My neighbour was already walking out of his front door. It was too late for my neighbour to turn back.

Neither of us turned back, we just walked up our driveways until at the path we could no longer avoid each other behind hedges and fences.

We looked up at each other, nodded at each other as you do to be friendly to your neighbours and then continued with our scurrying to the kerb with the bin bags we had clutched in our hands.

I was mortified. My boobs were swinging, I still had bed hair and then I clocked what he was wearing.

Suddenly I felt a lot better.

My neighbour was wearing his partners pink silky dressing gown. The sort that cuts off about half way down your thighs. Apart from it was a bit shorter on him, I assume because of his shoulders but instead of covering half way down his thighs, it was sort of around his hips and he wasn't very successfully covering up his clearly naked self with.

At least I assume it is his partners dressing gown.

If I have to assume anything else, it's that next week he'll put his bins out earlier!