The TV Is Listening To Me

I mentioned years ago that Bear in the Big Blue House was my TV Stalker. I know that it was a coincidence, that Bear episodes were filmed months or possibly even years in advance of when Baby Top Ender and I were watching them, but the fact that they were so accurate in describing what I had been doing that day just seemed far too coincidental, it had to be that Bear was stalking me.

I know now that it was just a coincidence, because over the Summer something much bigger happened. Something which I can't put down to coincidence, something which I have to assume means that my TV is listening to me...

The first time I became aware that my TV was listening to me was when Dan Jon Jr and I were watching a cartoon. Look at the  Facebook post from below, it tells the story.

Dan Jon Jr and I giggled a little over the fact the TV was listening to us, and decided that we'd have any private conversations away from the living room where the TV is.

We were only half joking.

A few days later and Flyfour and I were watching the Olympics. It was the diving and we were of course instant experts as all who watch the Olympics always are. I had got quite good at recognising the various divers by their costumes (it's quite handy that they are all colour corordinated with their countrys flags) and passed comment about one of the divers.

A few seconds later and the commentator on TV mentioned the exact same thing I did.

Flyfour and I giggled at the coincidence.

A few minutes later and Flyfour asked a question about the depth of the pool they were diving into. We started googling it when the commentator on TV gave us the answer (Competition pools are 5m deep).

Again we laughted it off. And then I remembered about the cartoon and the ice cream van and so I told Flyfour and we wondered again if we were in fact being listened to.

Our TV (Please ignore the bikes in the corner!)

So we decided to test it.

The next night we settled down on the sofa, me knitting and we fired random questions at the TV. They were answered.

It was then that we knew we were being listened to and we realised that we had a new undeinable power. 

If either of us had a question about what was going on we simply asked the TV and a few moments later the commentators on TV would tell us the answer to our question. We used it for all kinds of stupid stuff, asking what snacks we should eat, what time we should go to bed, if we should buy or sell shares...

We're no sure why the TV has decided to start listening to us, but it has chosen us and so we promise to use this new power wisely.

Hey TV, fancy telling me the numbers for the lottery?