The Pinterest Problem

A few weeks back, whilst watching TV with my husband, a beautiful building was shown. I said something along the lines of;

"Wow! That place is beautiful! I'd love to get married there. I'll have to find it online so I can add it to my Pinterest board."

My husband turned to look at me and gave me a quizzical stare, bordering on an accusation of stupidity.

"Pippa. We ARE married" he emphasised to me.

Flyfour and PippaD on their wedding day

And so returning his look because, Duh! I know he and I are married, I was there! So, I showed him my Pinterest wedding board, handily titled

"If I had got Married after Pinterest had been invented"

I, of course, later shared this incident on Facebook, so that my friends could laugh along with me and several of them replied that they too had similar boards.

Some comprised of just specific aspects, like wedding flowers (but I believe this specific friend is a florist!) and some which they are pinning for their daughters wedding (which is a fair bit off, but you know this particular friend is never knowingly underprepared!) and some like me just wanted a place to store ideas they came across that they thought were beautiful or they particularly liked.

And that's the problem with Pinterest right? Other than the whole rabbit hole aspect of it of course! We're pinning things that we honestly don't need, but we might find useful one day.

We all have that one Pinterest board that we made because we wanted to pin something and it didn't fit our other boards and then before we know it, we have a whole board with 50 odd pins on of things that we're never going to use.

Pinterest is the junk drawer of the internet.

No longer do we need to keep scrapbooks or files with clippings from newspapers and magazines of recipes or diets or articles we might want to read again, or will find the use of in the future. No, now we pin them to Pinterest boards, where they quite often languish never to be looked at again.

Never to be tried.

Just bytes and pixels gathering imaginary dust.

So I'm going to change that, by going through my pins. I'm going to actively look at my Pinterest boards and I'm going to make the recipes or the crafts I've pinned that I want to try out. I'm going to try out the tips, or the life hacks or the techniques that I thought were a good enough idea to save for a later date.

How about you? Do you have a junk drawer board (give us your links!) or do you need to follow some more in which case follow me on Pinterest!