Mario The Watcher

Every morning, when Top Ender, Dan Jon Jr and I take the morning photos we have someone who joins us. Actually, that isn't true. Occasionally we have, one or two of our neighbours who stop and chat with us as they pass on their way to get a newspaper or to walk their dog. Every day, even when our neighbours aren't around, we have someone who watches what we are doing. Watches us intently and never seems to fully understand what it is that they are seeing.

It is, of course, Mario our cat.

Mario, a cat actually sat on a mat

Every day Mario sits on the mat at the front door and watches as we take the photographs that we put out on to our Instagram accounts (PippaDAMR, Top_Ender and DanJonJr).

He just sits and watches us.

And when we're finished he goes back into the house and sits down in the den, waiting patiently for Top Ender and Dan Jon to come home from School, where he'll then sit with either Dan Jon in the den whilst he plays on the consoles or with Top Ender as she curls up in bed and reads or sits and does her homework.

We're not quite sure why he sits and watches us, or even what he makes of us taking photographs each morning, but we do know that we think it's hilarious that he always watches!

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr smiling for their morning photo