What We Are Eating W/C 20th January 2018

When I wrote this meal plan, I was really excited about going shopping for it, because according to my costings I was going to end up having a whole threepence change from my Fifty pounds to pay for the shopping! I have a copper pot that I keep on the side, which already has a few pence in it, (well more like a couple of quid) so I was hoping to add them to it and use the pot at the end of the year to buy something ... I just don't know what yet, but knowing me it will either be Flowers or Book!

My favourite Sweetpeas

Do you save up your loose change? What do you do with it? What would you buy with it if you did save up?!

Saturday - Pizza

We like to make our own Pizza dough and have a lot of the ingredients that we need on hand. I have chopped frozen ham in the freezer (obviously), there is always cheese in the fridge (I love cheese!), and we always have cans of tomato, garlic paste and olive oil on hand, which of course when blended together make the best pizza sauce. I'm pretty sure I even have pineapple in the cupboard for those of us who think it belongs on pizza...

Sunday - Pork Chops

We love pork chops with applesauce and cheese on top. We stick them under the grill for a bit, and the cheese and applesauce goes all gooey and once we add that to a pile of mustard mash and some form of vegetable (Peas I think this week) and the meal is complete!

Monday - Pasta and Broccoli

Top Ender used to be a pain in the butt with regards to what she would eat, as she loved the Pasta and Sauce cheese and broccoli pasta and that was it! Then one day we went to Italy, and the chef at our first hotel fell in love with her and her little blonde curls and made her his version of the Cheese and Broccoli pasta that she loved to eat and ever since then? Well, ever since then she's also loved our homemade version too.

Tuesday - Chicken Burgers

Everyone loves the BBQ Chicken Burgers that we have, mainly because they are all great fans of chicken and BBQ sauce!

Flyfour's Chicken. Yes, I know it's a Boy Chicken, but didn't want to put that word on here!

Wednesday - Stir Fry

I have some chicken that I'm going to put in and I'll make a quick and easy sweet and sour sauce and serve it with rice noodles. I'm pretty sure that there will be a portion or two left over which I'll quickly portion up and hide away from late night pickers (Yes Flyfour, I'm talking to you!) and have for lunch tomorrow and offer to Top Ender to take to School too.

Thursday - Fish in Parsley Sauce and Vegetables

I've got some frozen white fish on the shopping list, which I'm going to serve with a parsley sauce and whatever vegetables are left in the freezer. I believe that's a mix of cauliflower and broccoli and some carrots.

I'm sure there will be some potatoes left over from earlier in the week, so I'll add some potato too.

Friday - Sausage Rolls

I thought I'd serve them with some form of potato, or as is a favourite with the children and Flyfour, Baked Beans. I'm going to go with some sweetcorn for me!

They are also really easy and quick to make and so perfect for a Friday night when we like to eat together once Flyfour gets home from work.

So, that's what we're eating this week. How about you?