What We Are Eating W/C 6th January 2018

This is the first week that I've picked the meals from my rotating meals list. I just picked one from each of the categories, and then worked out where they should go based on what we are up to and how we like to eat during the week.

Flyfour also did me a huge favour and he programmed up something in our Home Automation to mean that we now have a database where I can ask one of our devices what is for dinner and it will tell me, without me having to look it up on my calendar, or in my diary or even on my blog! I'm so excited because, who doesn't like technology that is useful and fun?!

Plenty of Technology in the Garden

Saturday - Veggie Burgers

I was orginally going to do these in rolls, but because I find Gluten Free rolls a little dry and veggie burgers tend to go the same way, I figured we'd have this with some home made chips and to please the children we'll have some beans too!

Sunday - Sticky Sausage

Flyfour loves this, he is always wanting to make it when we have sausages in the house! It's going to be slightly different because we normally wrap the sausages in bacon but I've purchased cooking bacon which doesn't wrap as easily!

Monday - Beans on Toast

It's quick and easy for our meal tonight because I'm already expecting myself to be lazy!

Beans on Toast, yummy and cheap!

Tuesday - Sausage and Mash

A quick dish of Sausage and Mash, I'll make an onion gravy to go with it and some corn on the cob for the children and I but Flyfour will have to do without as he doesn't like sweetcorn!

Wednesday - Chicken Curry

I'll start cooking this in the slow cooker, so that when Top Ender is home from School she'll be able to have a bowl of curry and rice before she disappears off to volunteer with the Brownies.

Thursday - Fish Pie

Top Ender doesn't go out until later on a Thursday night, which is good because I always forget to that the Fish Pie takes a lot longer to make then I think it does!

Friday - Carbonara

I'll use up the bacon from the Sunday Sticky Sausages and add some frozen onion, mushrooms and garlic because despite me saying that it is Carbonara, it's my variation of it so I'll add what I want!

So that's what we are eating this week, what are you eating?