All Meals W/C 1st Oct 2018

The Meal plan is a little late this week, thanks to us having been away over the weekend. I also made a little bet with Flyfour, I'm going to see how cheap I can make the weeks meals for October... and try to keep it to below £1 per head per evening meal.

It came about as we were talking about different meals you can buy premade at around the 70p mark, and wondering if this was cheaper to buy than making a meal from scratch. I know obviously that if you make it from scratch it could be a lot healthier, but we were talking about living on an extreme budget (we'd been watching a documentary earlier in the week about a similar subject) and if it was still possible to eat filling meals (filling rather than healthy).

Anyway, we know I'm always up for a challenge!

Yummy Sausage Pie

Breakfast this week is sort of free, as I've not purchased anything to make them, so it for sure comes in at under £1 per head!

Monday - Bacon Twists
Tuesday - Toasties
Wednesday - Porridge
Thursday - Waffles
Friday - Chocolate Twists
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourself!

Packed lunches for the children I don't think come under the £1 per head rule, as I give them a couple of portions of fruit per day and try to make them fun. They do vary a little each week, but in general, I can use the same ingredients multiple times over a fortnight or so to keep the costs down. Maybe this will be my next challenge!

Monday - Crackers and Cheese
Tuesday - Pizza Pockets
Wednesday - Sausage Rolls/Curry Pot
Thursday - Pasta
Friday -  Fish and Chips/Sausage Rolls
Saturday - Soup
Sunday - Toasties

And so the main meal of the day for us. I've noticed that this week we aren't having as many meat-free meals, which I'm sure would have pushed our bill up, but it is all under £1 a head including gluten-free ingredients for a few of our meals!

Monday - Fish and Veg
Tuesday - Sausage and Mash
Wednesday - Spag Carbonara
Thursday - Casserole
Friday - Chicken Hot Pot
Saturday - Jacket Potato with Beans and Cheese
Sunday - Toad in the Hole with Beans