All We Are Eating W/C 20 October 2018

I explained a little while back that I was writing all our meals in one easy to go to place as I was trying to A Cut back a little on shopping, B Make it easier on me to remember (or know where to go) and C help me ensure we're eating a variety of things.

This week I've also gone through everything that is in the freezer and cupboards to ensure I've made the most of my budget, and actually don't have to buy much, just cat food, milk, a little fruit and of course the all-important snacks that the housekeeper tends to forget to buy each week and just leaves "ingredients" in the fridge and cupboards for us to make snacks from.

So inconsiderate.

A cake made with ingredients!


Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourselves!
Monday - Cheese Toasties
Tuesday - Sausage Sandwiches
Wednesday - Beans on Toast
Thursday - Porridge
Friday - Scones
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourselves!


Lunch at the weekends is a family meal, we tend to sit together, sometimes the children will sit together and watch some Anime together, or we might watch a TV show as a family, or as Flyfour and I like, sit and have a conversation together!

Saturday - Toasties and Soup
Sunday - Beans on Toast
Monday - Baked Frittata
Tuesday - Pasta
Wednesday - Sausages/Curry
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - School Meal for Top Ender (Dan Jon has an inset day!)
Saturday - Cheese Sandwich with Crisps
Sunday - Fish Finger Sandwiches

Evening Meals

Saturday - Sausage Casserole
Sunday - Munch and Mingle
Monday - Tuna Gnocchi
Tuesday - Pea and Bacon Soup
Wednesday - Spaghetti Carbonara
Thursday - Sloppy Joes
Friday - Fish Pie
Saturday - Chicken Pasta
Sunday - Roast Chicken