All Meals W/C 8th Oct 2018

So, the main meals that I made last week meant that the meal plan cost me just under £1 per day, which was a little bit of a cheat, as I had a few ingredients at home (frozen fish for example) that I used and so they didn't come into the price. However I also purchased some gluten-free plain flour and Olive oil, ready for a meal this week, so I think it sort of balances out!

A Balanced spinning Top

This week, I'm aiming for £1.50 per day for all three meals for Tops, Dan Jon and I as Flyfour takes care of himself for breakfast and lunch by making cereal and sandwiches at work during the week and guess what! It works out this week... so long as nobody adds anything else to the shopping basket when I go out later today to get it!


Monday - Bacon Quiche (crustless)
Tuesday - Banana Bread
Wednesday - Breakfast Muffins
Thursday - Eggy Bread
Friday - Sweet Breakfast Muffins
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourself


Monday - Bagels
Tuesday - Quiche
Wednesday - Home Made Stackables/Curry
Thursday - Pizza Muffins
Friday - Home Made Stackables/Fish and Chips
Saturday - Beans on Toast
Sunday - Bacon and Cheese Pastries

Main Meals

Monday - Pizza
Tuesday - Pasta and Smoked Salmon
Wednesday - Dirty Wedges
Thursday - Broccoli and Cheese Pasta
Friday - Choc Chip Waffles or Pancakes
Saturday - Chicken Curry
Sunday - Cottage Pie

Right, so that is what we are eating this week. I personally am very much looking forward to Wednesday!