Advent 2020

On Christmas Eve, the people delivering the Advent tags to me made themselves known.

I was right in my guess in whom they were but they asked to remain anonymous because the gift tags each day were not about them, not about the mystery of whom they were but about the love they were given with.

Love of the Saviour.

Love of the season.

Love of service to their fellow man.

Love of Scripture and knowledge and understanding.

Christmas Advent Tags

As they stood at the top of my drive, telling me how they had come up with the idea, how they had decided to gift the cards to me, how they had remained hidden and snuck about and given them as much a thrill as it had been for me and the family.

I find it amazing that these people did this for me.

That their love for me was great enough to have them sneaking about my driveway trying to avoid my security cameras.

That their love of the Scriptures has had me reading my own scriptures more, sparking an interest like I have never had before.

That their joy and wonder and spirit of fun, has made my Christmas.

I have no idea if they will continue with this act of service again in the following years with other people in their lives or the ward.

I just know that this year, this year my heart was touched and I may never be quite the same again.