What We Are Eating This Week W/C 12 December 2020

Another week over and I'm so not ready for the end of term! I've been talking with my friends at work that I'm someone who likes routine, but I think really I just like my job... and obviously, the people I work with and the joy they bring me (and hopefully I bring them) plus if I'm not busy I might have time to stop and actually work through my thoughts and we know how crazy my thoughts are, I don't think we need to examine them!

Still, there is the usual Christmas excitement at work, so it's an exciting last week.

PippaD dressed up for Christmas at work!

Anyway, here's what we are eating this week.

Saturday - Chicken Stir Fry

Last night we had a quick sneaky Indian (instead of what was on the meal plan) that I thought was really disappointing, so I've decided to do something that I love to make up for it!

Sunday - Meatloaf and Mash

I'm in the mood for some great comfort food, and for me, that's Meatloaf and Mash. I'm letting Flyfour know that I'm in charge of cooking this evening and I'm going to shut myself in the kitchen, put on some tunes and cook and bop and probably work on my laptop because that's what I tend to do!

Monday - Pesto Salmon Spaghetti

These are some of my favourite things, mix them together and they are just amazing. The good news is that the rest of the family think the same way and this takes just a few minutes to throw together!

Tuesday - Beans on Toast

If the children are lucky, I might even throw an egg in for them. If they are unlucky I'll just make mushrooms for me and ignore them. I feel they might be unlucky!

Wednesday - Fish Fingers and some kind of potato dish

Dan Jon is going to be cooking today, so I've scheduled something simple for him. Fish Fingers and some kind of potato dish. I have a feeling he'll make a gratin, but he might just go simple and do mash! The kid's in charge so I don't care.

Thursday - Sticky Chinese Chicken and Rice

Top Ender is cooking tonight, so something slightly more complicated as it is a sticky Chinese chicken traybake and rice. The good news is, that again I'm not cooking and she's more than capable!

Friday - Jacket Potatoes

We break up from school today, well actually just Dan Jon and I do, Tops has an inset day today but is already at home self-isolating, so I figured that we could have jacket potatoes as a celebration! The only one not celebrating will be Flyfour as he still can't understand the appeal of a jacket potato!

So this is what we are eating this week. How about you?