Time To Think

I told you back in September that I was lucky to get a new job as PA to the Principal and Marketing Manager at a local High School and well, it turns out that it's my dream job. I actually feel a bit guilty because it doesn't feel like work, I mean not guilty enough to refuse my pay at the end of the month, but enough to mean that I log into my work emails far too often at the weekends and late evenings and get told off far too much for working when I should be relaxing.

PippaD at the Beach, 100% relaxing

I could give you one of the usual stories that I give those that ask.

  • It doesn't take me five minutes to check all my email accounts 
  • It doesn't actually feel like work
  • I like to be busy
  • Everyone else in my home is on an electronic device
but they aren't really the truth.

The truth is that I need to keep busy or I'll start thinking and we all know the age old adage "Pippa thinking for too long is never a good thing!"

Luckily, these last couple of weeks I have been occupying a lot of my time doing busy work with some little projects for work that I wanted to do. Things like scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts, filling Pinterest boards, curating Spotify playlists, making pretty quotes to share on Instagram and creating and watching soooooooooo many Tiktok videos.

See, I told you that my job didn't feel like work. Even just describing the things I've been doing above sound less like work and more like skiving to me! These things are the sort of things that are almost second nature to me, thanks to my years spent as a social media influencer and I don't need to think about them... which is why I've had a lot of time to think.

Yup, we're all in trouble.

The bad news is that I have so many plans for this next year.

Some are really stupid and I know that you are going to enjoy them, almost as much as the time I made everyone in Tesco think I was a proper weirdo as I stood at the bottom of the escalator screaming that my Mum was leaving me as she went to the second floor...

Some are not so stupid and I have a feeling these will be slightly easier to pull off and a little boring but beneficial.

Some plans I am seriously going to need some people to trust me to the point they just unquestionly agree to do what I say (I promise if I ask you if you trust me and you say yes what I get you to do afterwards will be AMAZING!) and some where that trust is going to get me nowhere.

The good news is that I'm ready for whatever 2021 throws at me... I just hope the people in my life are ready for what I throw at them!


  1. It sounds like you have your perfect job! A job which doesn't feel like work. It sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with it in 2021 x


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