What We Are Eating W/C 26 December 2020

It's that magical week where nobody knows what day it is, what time it is or if they are more potato than human. The good news for me is that Flyfour is home this week, so as long as we both know what we are supposed to be eating, we'll make sure we eat at some point!

The bad news is that does mean other than Saturday we may end up eating a variety of meals not on this meal plan/not in the right order. It's okay though because who cares! We don't know what day it is! We don't know if it's day or night! And if all else fails, there's always toast and chocolates and leftover cookies from Christmas.

Holiday Cookies

Saturday - Roast Gammon

Flyfour decided we'd have a Roast to celebrate Boxing Day, and we're having "some" of the trimmings. At the moment he is pretty sure we won't be having Yorkshire Puddings, but I'm sure that between the children and I, we'll be able to remind him how lush it would be to have them two days in a row.

Sunday - Casserole

Talking of two days in a row, why don't we try and make it three days in a row? I was going to make Casserole (actually that's a lie, I've got one in the freezer ready to serve, that I made last weekend) but if we make it special by serving it in large Yorkshire Puddings that's got to be better right?!

Monday - Pesto Salmon Pasta

A simple meal, because whilst I'm hoping I got my way with Yorkshire Puddings three days in a row, I'm not sure our digestive systems will handle it. I'll serve this with plenty of spinach and any other green looking veg still hanging about in the fridge!

Tuesday - Toasties and Soup

Nice and simple, but nice and tasty. If there is some Pesto left over from last night I'll add it to my toastie, but will probably end up just adding a tonne of red onion because according to my children I'm a weirdo.

Wednesday - Cowboy Casserole

I'm sure you know this by now, take some sausages, some beans, some potato and whatever veg is hanging about, throw it together along with some stock and some tomatoes and the resulting stodge is the food that will be talked about for weeks as being tasty and "why can't we eat it more often".

Thursday - Kebab

Many years ago (21 I think) Flyfour and I were seeing in the New Year with my Parents and Nan when Flyfour got the idea to go and get Kebabs. It's turned into a tradition, so we'll be eating Kebabs tonight... as long as I'm not really ill like last year!

Friday - Fish Pie

When I made the Fish pie last week, I ended up making two. I'm serving the second one tonight along with veggies or a side salad or maybe even some bread rolls if I can get Top Ender to make some like the ones she made a few weeks back!

So that's what we are eating this week. How about you?