Christmas Eve 2020

I can't believe that it is already Christmas Eve.

I honestly feel like this year has just got started and somehow we're here at the end of it.

Advent has been different for us this year, not because of all the things that the pandemic has brought about but the children are getting older and so their ideas of Christmas fun has changed.

Dan Jon Jr and Top Ender

This year they haven't posed for their daily photo in front of the calendar.

They haven't yet had their annual Christmas photo taken, but I'll let that one slide as it'll happen before the end of Christmas Day and that is all that really matters.

They haven't chased the Elves around the house trying to see what fun they have got up to since getting back from the North Pole, and for the most part the Elves have just lived on our Christmas Tree holding some sheet music.

We haven't been on our annual Christmas light hunt although Flyfour and I have been on several walks in our local neighbourhood and have found some truly great displays.

Worst of all, they didn't want to decorate the tree or put out the other decorations, but then again it's Flyfour and I that do the heavy lifting in that regard, so it wasn't too different.

Some things have been the same.

Flyfour and I have steadily eaten our way through several boxes of mince pies and one tin of chocolates (although Top Ender had something to do with the vast majority of those going missing) and we have had some superb suppers of various Christmas snacks.

I've badly played my way through Christmas carols on the piano (even recording one for a Virtual Christmas Performance at the School I work at) and sung through hundreds more.

I've wrapped all but one of the gifts under the tree (Flyfour wrapped one that is a surprise for me) and still have the stocking gifts to go, but they'll be done by the time Santa is due.

We've cleaned and tidyied and organised and have done our last minute panics when gifts haven't arrived when we thought they should (but they have!).

We've listened to carols and hymns and watched Christmas movies and drunk so much Hot Chocolate that I'm probably now 89% Hot Chocolate and only 11% trouble... who am I kidding I'm still 100% trouble and 100% Hot Chocolate!

No matter what has changed, we'd like to take this moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas from all here at A Mother's Ramblings and