Lost: One Daddy and Mobile Phone

Thirty minutes after Daddy should of been home, I realised that he wasn't home. I thought twice about calling him on his mobile as he normally has his ipod on listening to Stephen Fry podcasts and doesn't hear his phone but I thought that as he was walking home it would be safer to call just in case he had forgotten to come home (he enjoys his job!) and we could go and pick him up.

So I rang his phone and a strange voice answered. Now I knew I had dialed Daddys phone, but I wanted to make sure so I took the phone away from my ear to check the screen and as I put it back the voice answered again;

"Hello" said the strange voice
"You're not my husband" I said
"No, I'm a Police Sergent" said the strange voice

At this point my heart started to slow right down and I could see Daddy laying in the road hit by a car, or possibly a mountain bike.

"Oh" I said

"Do you know if your husband walked past the Blue Lagoon lake today?" said the strange voice

At this point I was imagining Daddy in the lake and the local police dragging the lake.

"Yes I know he did this morning" I managed

As I said this I had wandered into the hallway, I didn't want to be near the children if I was told that their Daddy had been in an accident or worse.

"Well we found his phone by the lake today" the strange voice said

At this point I was about to collapse in a heap when Daddy walked in the front door into the hallway where I was standing. I ended the phone call after a few more minutes and arranged to pick the phone up the next day from the local Police Station.

Talking it over later we realised where it had all gone wrong. Had the policeman said to me "A local dog walker found your husbands phone on the path after having walked round the lake" then I would probably have remained a little more sane and my imagination would of been kept in check!

At least Daddy knows that I love him though!


  1. hmmmm - I wonder if the police man was allowed to say "a local dog walker found..." in case it allows the person at the other end that may not have been his wife to use the information..I know it seems far fetched but I suppose the police deal with so much bad they expect it. It must have been dreadful for you - I think I would have burst into tears when hubby walked through the door. what a rotten moment and the feeling sticks around for a while - poor you - hope you got over it quickly.

  2. hey - forgot to say - on the up side at least it was handed in and not sold on - there are lots more honest than dishonest people in this world :0) It's not all bad!!!

  3. Didn't think of that, but it does make much more sense! I was nearly in tears and the whole night I was on edge!


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