Wordless Wednesday

So what causes a face like this on Top Ender?
A worried looking Top EnderThen this?A still worried looking Top EnderThen this?A smiling Top Ender with the sun behind/above herWell this obviously!Top Ender smiling through the monkey bars of a climbing frame And What was Baby Boy doing whilst this was going on? Sitting in a tyre of course!
Baby Boy sitting in a hollow Tractor tyre
And then he decided he wanted to have a climb too!Baby Boy having a climb on a climbing frame


  1. great shots. i love their facial expressions. happy WW!

  2. Thank you, I am trying to play around with the third shot as I am sure this can be made better!

  3. Love the 4th one. And Baby Boy in the tire.

  4. I love the ne of Top Ender on the bars.

    I remember loving the monkey bars when I was a little lady.


  5. I like the 4th one of Top Ender on the bars too, we have another one here which shows her delight at sitting on top of the bars, but it is all blurry!

    Baby Boy loved the tire, and kept hiding in there whenever it was time to leave!

  6. How fun!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  7. fab piccys and gorgeous children xxx

  8. Thank you Stefany and Amy. I think they are cute too, but then I am biast as I also think that they look a lot like me... only joking (!).

    Harriet - glad you think so I did too and had a little clamber over the top. Top Ender wouldn't take a photo of me on them as she said it would break the camera!

    Sprites Keeper - thank you. I try to take good photos but I don't think I'm very good, but reading all the articles on how to take a good picture is improving my aim!

  9. New look? Like it! Nice photos too x

  10. Playground fun! Looks like they are having a great time.

  11. It looks like they were having fun!

  12. Ridiculously cute! I love the way you put that together!

  13. Those are super cute shots!!! What cute faces. Happy WW and thanks for stopping by this week.

  14. Thanks Kelloggsville, I did it at the weekend, wanted a "cleaner" look! And Thank you re the photos!

    Over Thirty Mommy thank you, it was great fun at a "different" playground to our usual one.

    Muthering Heights, when asked what was the best part about going on holiday they said the local park!

    SuperJenn, thank you it just made me laugh looking at the photos I had taken that she was so scared to climb up and then was hanging off it with no cares in the world!

    Pamela M. Kramer, thank you and thank you for your visit too!

    Thank you to everyone else for the visit you made to me too!

  15. those shots are simply adorable!!


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