The Six B's - a motto to live my life by

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Every week I look forward to reading the entries of the spin cycle over at Sprite's Keeper this week the theme is Motto's and I decided to jump in.

I know a lot of motto's and use a lot in my life. Some I try to live by and some I use as an excuse or as a joke, but only one of them has ever caused any real difference in my life and I started using it nearly nine years ago.

The Six B's were taken from a talk given by President Gordon B Hinkley in November 2000, and I remember sitting, with my Fiancé sitting next to me, listening to this wise man talking to us (via Satellite) and knowing that we were listening to something special.

The Six B's are;

1. Be grateful.

2. Be smart.

3. Be clean.

4. Be true.

5. Be humble.

6. Be prayerful.

To me they don't need explaining but just for you, here is my understanding of them.

1. Be grateful - I always try to say Thank you to those around me, to let them know that I appreciate what they have done and do for me. I don't think I have said it to you recently though. So thank you for reading my blog and for the comments you leave me. It means a lot to me.

2. Be smart - I do try to improve my knowledge. At the moment I am learning HTML and C++, I am trying to improve my Italian and French and of course every time I read your blog I have to go and look up at least one word that I have never heard of before...

3. Be clean - Not only do I try to keep myself modestly dressed, and well groomed but I try not to swear or think bad thoughts (although a few pop in about my Dad now and again) and I try so hard to think of my body as holy and so I will not eat the chocolate donut the next time I am tempted, even if I do bless it first and ask for it to nourish my body.

4. Be true - I know who I am and what I stand for, I know what I believe and what I think is right and I try to make sure that this is obvious by my actions and my words... but just in case you didn't know I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I am not afraid to admit it!

5. Be humble - This is one of the hardest for me. To let myself know that it is okay to admit that I don't know everything and that it is knowing this that lets me know everything just seems so confusing!

6. Be prayerful - I can't do this alone. I can't be the best I can be, I can't live the life that I need to live or teach my children the things that I need to teach them without help and so I pray and ask for this help and it is given to me. I ask for help and answers for a lot of things and I always get an answer. Sometimes it isn't what I expected, but I always get an answer.

So I guess I could say that those twelve words sum up how I try to live my life and I don't think that they are a bad set of twelve words to live by either!