Baby Boy Giggles - Anything she can do I can do better!

"Mummy?" said Top Ender as we were sat in the car
"Yes?" I answered
"Can I take my cardigan off?" she questioned
"Of course you can, but don't take your seat belt off" I replied

There was a pause and a slight shuffle from Top Ender as she took off her cardigan

"Mama?" said Baby Boy in the exact tone Top Ender had used
"Yes?" I answered
"lar did da doot too car brmm?" he queried just as she had moments before
"No sweetheart you can't take your seat belt off either" I answered to laughter from both Top Ender and Baby Boy


  1. Oh, he's good!
    Top Ender must love having a little mimic right by her side!

  2. She does enjoy it most of the time!


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