Baby Boy Giggles - The nose of a Bloodhound!

Top Ender having finally finished her dinner was allowed two jaffa cakes as a pudding, which she only took one of. As we can't give anything to Top Ender without Baby Boy demanding some we also gave him one and the rest of the packet were hidden behind the computer screen, as I was Tweeting.

A few moments later Baby Boy tried climbing up on my knee.

"Up Mama!" he demanded
"Hiya Baby Boy!"
"Ta Mama!" he said waving in the general direction of the computer screen
"No, sorry Baby. They are all gone!" I said
"MAMA!" he screamed and buried his head in my chest

At this point Top Ender returned for her second cake and I quickly passed her the entire packet so that Baby Boy wouldn't see. It couldn't of been as fluid as I thought however as a few seconds later he climbed down off my knee and went in search of Top Ender and the Jaffa Cakes.

"Its okay Top Ender, let him have one." I called over

A few seconds later Baby Boy appeared with a Jaffa cake with a bite taken from it

"Look Mama! Ummmm Mama" he almost purred

I knew he didn't believe me when I told them they had all gone!


  1. No fooling him then. You'll just have to put three jaffa cakes on a plate and hide the rest before lunch! (My mum's old trick)

  2. Hee hee, yup and will have to stop letting Top Ender have them as a mid-afternoon snack!


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