Harry Potter and the trip to the toilet

I took Top Ender to the cinema yesterday and as is usual in our household we both paid a visit to the toilet before we left our house. It reminded me of a trip to the toilet that I made on a Wednesday in April 2003 before Daddy and I (then just plain old Him and Me) went to see Johnny English.

Daddy and I had been trying for a baby for what seemed like ages, and had decided to stop trying and just let nature take its course. If I became pregnant then so be it. If I didn't, well then we would take the next step then.

With Daddy standing outside of the Bathroom door waiting his turn to empty his bladder before filling it with the super size coke during the film, I spied the last of the multi pack of pregnancy tests poking out of the box I kept sanitary products (and pregnancy tests!) in. Suddenly I realised that I needed to use that test because I was pregnant.

I remember clearly setting the test down on the small sliver of shelf next to the box whilst I continued doing my business and washing my hands and then picking up the test to see if the line was there or not.

Opening the door to Daddy who had no idea what I was doing (other than peeing) was the start of a whole new life for us and as I passed him the test, no words were needed. Of course handing him a stick covered in pee probably did need a little more explanation, than me standing there with a goofy grin but he understood after a nanosecond or two.

This of course led me to remember another trip to the toilet in September 2007, which I just realised was also a Wednesday, but first I need to take you back to the weekend.

Top Ender and I were going to visit Nanny B without Daddy as we did every month. Daddy and I had decided just a week before that it was time to have our second child and as he was saying Goodbye, to us in the car he bent down to my stomach and whispered "Bye Bye Baby".

When we got back from Nanny B's I wanted to take a test straight away but knew that if I did that it would probably show up negative because of my dates and knew I needed to wait a week.

I managed to last three days.

Again Daddy waited outside the bathroom door as I didn't want him to see me peeing on a stick, although this time he knew what I was doing! As I waited for the lines to appear I felt sick with nerves wondering if a new life was already inside of me waiting to be discovered.

The test turned positive and Daddy and I managed to keep our pleased grins and celebrations to ourselves as we didn't want Top Ender to know just yet and we wanted Top Ender to be given a gift when she found out that she was going to be a Big Sister.

We managed to last until the next day.

At the time Top Ender was very much into My Friends Tigger and Pooh and on a quick trip to the Disney store I purchased a Darby doll which we gave to her and told her the Baby in my tummy told me to buy it for her. Top Ender was thrilled with both the news and her new Toy!

So now I know what my Wordless Wednesday picture will be one day in the future, as I shall only ever take pregnancy tests on Wednesdays!


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