Its been one week since you looked at me (said the Scales)

Okay so please look away if you have just eaten or are just about to eat. You don't want to look at this on an empty stomach, or a full stomach for that matter!
Here are pictures of me as I was last week. And whatever you do don't click on them as these will pop up to a huge size and you don't want to be blinded!
Picture of me in my underware from the frontPicture of me in my underware from the sidePicture of me in my underware from the back
Notice the saggy breasts, the thunder thighs, the saddle bags, the extra spare tyres or four, the extra chins and the bingo wings, the big butt, and I am sure there are plenty of other features that I could point out and you can pretend to be too polite to notice. Please can you really do you best to ignore the overly large Bridget Jones Knickers and the large over the shoulder Breast feeding Boulder holder!

I have spent a lot of time looking at the images and it doesn't get any easier to look at. It does make me realise that love is blind too as I am sure that my husband doesn't notice or there is no way that we would have kids!
The important part of the challenge this week was to find out how many calories I should consume if I want to lose 2lb a week. I choose a 2lb a week loss because I have so much to lose to start with and as I am sure you know the heavier you are the easier it is (apparently) to lose weight in the beginning.

The answer for me was 2549 calories. I eat roughly 2500 a day because I was already aware of this figure! It has been said via DM on Twitter that my daily meal plan didn't seem to have the right amount of calories. This is because I hadn't put in snacks, some drinks (such as squash) and the occasional sweet treat (such as a bit of chocolate) and this brings my calorific values right up.

Now if you remember my weight last week was 19st 4lbs and my weight today is 19st 4lbs. That's right I didn't lose any weight at all not a single lb and this is where the other part of the homework comes into play

As I already carry out the food diary I am pleased to say that I can see what I consume and if anything is amiss. Looking at what I ate this week, I ate just over or just under 2500 calories a day. There wasn't anything that I could of done food wise to have helped me lose weight.

Looking at my activity diary I can see that my activity is quite steady, but that I probably need to make more time for longer high intensity work outs. I only tend to do these every other day as time is an issue with Baby Boy and Top Ender and working from home and trying to keep the house in a reasonable order!

And there is no time to moan about last week, time to look forward and spring into action! So here is my meal plan for this week;
Meal Plan

Breakfast: Bowl of Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed Milk and a slice of toast.
Lunch: Sandwich with fruit or left overs from the night before.
Monday: Roast Chicken and Vegetables and Roast Potatoes
Tuesday: Home Made Pizza
Wednesday: Soup and Cheese Toasties
Thursday: Jacket Potato and beans
Friday: Chicken Kiev and Vegetables
Saturday: Steak and wedges
Sunday: Spaghetti Bolognese
My exercise plan is going to stay mostly the same with an hour on the Wii everyday but I am going to make them all high intensity, ten or fifteen minutes on weights each day and I will try include the extra 15 minutes I have challenged everyone else to!
I hope everyone else had a better week than I did and here is to success next week!