And now the News; 'A Mothers Ramblings' is up for the Best MAD blog for Family Fun

Seeing as how I am a finalist in The MADS, I have been in the local newspaper and now on Top Enders favourite Radio Station!

Now Top Ender was a little upset because she wasn't on Heart, but I told her that I would make it up to her.

So just for Top Ender here is a picture of her favourite presenters on Heart!

Ros and Wes who present the Breakfast show
If you haven't voted in the MADS then please do vote for me, and take a look at the other amazing blogs out there in the finals too. I am amazed (but not surprised!) at the high quality of the finalists and have found a few blogs that I had never heard of before which are going to become favourites I am sure!

And I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I am so excited about having been on the News that here is the link to the article about me on the Heart Website!