Christmas Club - May

Five months down, seven months to go. I start to get more excited now because its nearly half way to Christmas! This is the last month that I can slack, the last month that I have to refine what it is that I want this Christmas for my family.... but it doesn't need to be that way for you too!

With Fathers Day coming up, its time to start looking to making gifts and cards paying homage to the men in your children's life, there is the half term coming up and as I am sure the entire world is aware the start of the World Cup is drawing near.

Now even if you don't like football (like me!), there is a lot to learn about organisation from the World cup and a lot of fun games that can be had with kids and family members whilst watching football!

Something that we are going to do this world cup is make sure that each game we watch we eat something from the country that's playing. The good thing about eating the different foods is that Top Ender and Baby Boy (and Daddy) will try something new, and even if they don't like it the fact is that they tried it!

I am planning on making a lot of Christmas cards whilst watching a few games (well I say watching, I will be looking at the legs of the players, I am more of a rugby girl myself...) and also teaching Top Ender and Baby Boy the different flags of the different nations!

So really this month is a catch up month, a chance to make sure that everything from the first few months of the year have been completed and that I am ready for the more serious preparation coming up!
Don't forget to make a note if you do a round robin, or a summary blog post to sum up May in a few words!