Grannys Birthday!

Today is my Mums birthday, so Happy Birthday Mummy!

Her cake from 2008, which will look very much like her cake this year apart from the pony candles...
Her birthday always makes me feel emotional because I was nearly born today too. Twenty-eight (plus three) years ago my Mum went in to labour on her birthday and ended up giving birth to me the next day! As a child it was always a two day celebration of our birthdays. We would go to a Chinese Restaurant (which as I have mentioned before you don't want to take Daddy to) and order lots of dishes to share as a family.

My Mum has been questioned over what she would like for her birthday over the last few months, mentions of products have been memorised and shared with my Sister (Auntie) and vice versa and together we came up with some gifts that we hope she will be pleased with.

Earlier this week I asked Top Ender;

"What would you like to get Granny for her Birthday?"
"An ice cream machine" she answered without missing a beat
"Top Ender is that by any chance something that you want rather than something Granny would like?" I asked
"Yes, yes it is." answered Top Ender (shes been watching too much Phineas and Ferb I tell you!)

They're plotting to take over the world. Either that or to drive their parents crazy in a two pronged attack.
Earlier that day Auntie had also asked Big Cousin the same question;

"What would you like to get Granny for her Birthday Big Cousin?" said Auntie whilst on the phone to me
"Erm, I don't know" answered Big Cousin
"Did you hear that?" Auntie asked me on the phone just before she was interrupted
"Mummy? I know now what I want to get her!" Big Cousin said excitedly
"Whats that Sweetheart?" asked Auntie
"A Monkey!" she stated
"Can you ask her if she means a real one or a stuffed one!" I laughed down the telephone
"Oh I know, she means a real one" said Auntie knowingly

Well I know that Granny isn't getting an Ice Cream Machine or a Monkey for her Birthday from her Grandchildren or her Daughters, but I do know that she is going to have a great day and that together with my Sister we are going out for a meal this afternoon. It might not be a Chinese but its still bound to be a lot of fun!