Are you not going to CyberMummy 2010?

I have been very lucky in having been sponsored to go to CyberMummy 2010 by Huggies. I know that I have told them a couple of times already but I am really really grateful for this opportunity and I just want to tell them again, so THANK YOU HUGGIES!

Some people who read this blog and who chat with me on Twitter have said that they aren't going to CyberMummy, but they still would like to know what is going on. The organisers came up with the genius plan of having some official live bloggers for the sessions and as I was already planning on taking lots and lots of notes I volunteered to be one of these bloggers... and the organisers accepted my offer!

So on July 3rd I will be bringing to you live what is going on at the CyberLabs at 12Noon.

There are two CyberLabs in this session; Part one is on Libel and titled "You b****! What you can and can't say on your blog" and a mummy blogger, Twitter-holic and a solicitor who specialises in Internet and data protection law is going to be giving legal and libel advice. I just hope that I pay attention and don't say anything libelous...

Part two is on Site Design and about how to make your blog more appealing to readers. Advice and tips will be given by Yusuf Hoosain from Glam Media. Hopefully if Yusuf looks at my blog the changes I have made recently will meet with approval!