Top Ender Giggles - The gift that keeps on giving

As we were walking through the car park of the Airshow on Fathers Day, Top Ender suddenly stopped, bent down and picked up a shiny £1 coin.

We congratulated her as we carried on walking to the air show as we were in a nice long line of people and promptly forgot all about it in a discussion over if we should have chips or ice-cream first.

Later on that day we were digging on the beach, when suddenly Top Ender found another £1 coin!

"Its your lucky day Top Ender!" I told her
"Yes it is, will you look after it?" she asked
"Of course, you get back to your digging!" I prompted hoping she might find some more money

When Daddy came back from the waters edge with Baby Boy I showed him the £1 coin that Top Ender had found and explained she had found it in the sand.

"Top Ender?" called Daddy
"Yes Daddy?" answered Top Ender
"Where is the £1 you found earlier today?" he asked with a grin
"In my pocket... oh!" she answered as she couldn't find the coin
"Top Ender, you found your own money in the hole!" answered a laughing Daddy