Getting to know... ME!

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I get a bit of a shock as the person that is staring back at me isn't what I think I look like. I don't mean weight wise or looks wise, but I think a bit more cartoony. In my head I look like this;

Now I don't mind looking like I do, I need to lose weight (its okay I know I am fat), I need to sort out my hair (hmm where is Playground Mum Hairdresser lady when you need her?) and some clothes that showed off my good bits would probably be a good investment. This is how most of you probably know me as it is my Twitter avatar.

But then if you want a full body shot, you should probably look for me in this photo...

I feel like Wally or is it Waldo?
 The lovely (and very beautiful) Carly at Mummy's Shoes has got a list of some people who are going to CyberMummy and its a great way of finding out what everyone looks like!!! So here are my details... please refrain from stalking me!

Name: Pippa D. The D is important to me
Blog: Well your here, its A Mothers Ramblings (also found at
Twitter ID: @PippaD
Height: 5ft 6 and a half. Again the half is very important.
Hair: I was Blonde, but now I am Brunette and I might be a different colour by time CyberMummy comes round...
Eyes: Green unless I am angry in which case they are Grey.
Likes: Food, Dr Pepper, Swimming, Dr Pepper, Sleep, Dr Pepper, People telling me I am funny, Dr Pepper, American TV programmes and Dr Pepper.

I really fancy some Dr Pepper right now. I have no idea why.