A new addition

Just a couple of days ago my sister was starting to think that her third daughter was never going to be born. She had grown weary of curry and pineapple, her legs were tired from the hours of walking she had undertaken and the cobbles near her house are almost flat from the wear and tear caused by driving over them for hours on end.

And then it happened and it happened fast (which bodes well for me, but more about that another day!)

We were lucky that Daddy had the day off work yesterday, which meant that we were able to go over and visit with my sister and her three daughters as we had the car and I got my first hug with my newest family member.

So it is my pleasure to introduce you to Smallest Cousin;

Smallest Cousin with her Mummy
Top Ender welcoming Smallest Cousin to the World whilst Little Cousin looks on
A kiss from Big Sister and Top Ender
Big Cousin and Little Cousin saying goodbye with Granny