First Strawberries of the Season

Whilst I was taking a time out (okay I was skiving off the hard work), Daddy took the Top Ender and Baby Boy out into the garden. He was going to mow the lawn and the plan was that Top Ender and Baby Boy would play in the play house and move the play things in the garden as and when Daddy needed them to be moved.

I had just closed my eyes when Top Ender came bouncing in and asked if she could pick a strawberry from the Garden. Daddy had already looked and confirmed that some were ready for us to pick and so I agreed.

Baby Boy got in on the act too and they both appeared a few minutes later to show me their first picks. Top Ender took the crop and gave it a quick wash before they both reappeared to show me the reactions to the first taste. As you can guess Top Ender thought they were beautiful and sweet as her grin proves it!

As you can see however Baby Boy wasn't as impressed to start with as his Snape sneer shows through with his first bite.

I didn't take a picture of me eating my first one, (because I am just not as cute as Top Ender and Baby Boy) but believe me it was tasty!