Reasons to Vote for me in The MAD's... please

On Sunday the 6th June at Midnight, voting will close for The MADS and I thought this would be a great time to show you how I have caught the imagination of the people in my local area...

You wouldn't believe how many times I have tried to take a picture of this!

As you can see they were obviously disturbed before they could write the "S" and then "Vote For A Mothers Ramblings". I am hoping that the campaign they are mounting on my behalf is more successful than my attempts.

I was mean and cut Daddy's hair into an elaborate pattern one evening to get you to vote for me;

I have had Newspaper and Radio Coverage;

I might of made my own newspaper too;

I have been into space and asked a passing astronaut to help me out;

I have made some badges up...

I accidentally left this message in every classroom at Top Enders School;

And of course Daddy has suggested that he will buy me an escort which I thought may look like this;

This was actually Daddy's car at one point

But now that he has explained what he meant I am hoping more like this;


I have even suggested that if I wear my blue evening gown that I might do a Judy Finnigan (remember when her boob on national TV was showing everyone her bra clad boob?), or even a Halle Berry or a Mariah Carey (you know where they sob and snot comes out their nose and they look oh so attractive?) and vlog it for your enjoyment.

Then I realised that I haven't told you about my category properly. I have been shortlisted in the Best MAD Family Fun Blog and this is being sponsored by The winner will receive an EEE PC touch screen netbook worth £319, a V-tech Advance notebook and an amazing opportunity to have their blog professionally designed by a leading digital design agency! The Best MAD Blog for Family Fun is a blog that inspires you to have more fun with your family, whether that’s cooking, crafting or taking days out together and I would love to be known for that.

Heck I am just pleased to be known as a Finalist of that.

Of course there are some other finalists in this category and they are the following wonderful blogs;

Have a Lovely Time

This is a collaborative blog, which review family friendly days out and attractions all across the UK and has been my first stop on more than one occasion to check out somewhere that we here at A Mothers Ramblings have been thinking of visiting!

The MadHouse

This blog is written by Jen and is the sort of blog that I wish I could write. There are some amazing things that she does with her boys and as long as Daddy doesn't go and look then the inspiration for his father's day card will remain a secret... but you can go and look for it!


This blog is written by Cathy and she has the most amazing craft projects to copy. Top Ender and I have re-created several of the projects on this blog and even Baby Boy has loved some of the things that we have made, like our egg box dragon!

It's a Small World After All Family

This blog is written by Victoria and this November she is going to take a trip. Not just any trip though. This is a round the world trip with her family. She has said that I can go with her if I can hunt her out a proper coffee no matter where in the world we are, if I vote for her in The MAD's and if I can carry my own luggage and fit in a 45l backpack. The only thing there that will be a stretch for me is the coffee and I think that is a deal breaker for her.

So these are the other finalists, but of course you know I still want you to vote for me... PLEASE!